Programme outcomes :


Career Opportunities

Depending on your bachelor's and management specialization, you can find appropriate career opportunities in Sales and Marketing, Administration, Human Resource, Finance, General Management, Leadership, and Strategy and Planning as well. Any relevant work experience will only add to your profile.

Here are few of the position suitable for qualified managerial talent:

  • Business Consultant

A booming consulting industry has paved the way for people with strong knowledge of a particular subject matter. In recent years the top consulting companies like E&Y, BCG, Mckinsey, Deloitte or PWC have hired students straight out of top institutions. Not only these companies offer a decent amount of package, but they also provide an international platform to such students.

  • Advertising and Communication Manager

Companies operating in the domain of advertising and market communication prefer Management graduates specializing in fields like Sales and Marketing, Communication, Advertising and General Management. The spectrum of roles and responsibilities is wide and may require creative, problem solving, and communication skills.

  • Sales and Marketing

Companies in FMCG, Lifestyle, and Electronic & consumer appliances are amongst the biggest patron at hiring fests. They often compete with each other for the bests in the market and offer to challenge yet rewarding career opportunities.

  • Finance Sector

A specialization in finance exposes the learner to complex interplay of financial elements and its effects on business. It provides a high level of understanding of money flow. A person with Finance specialization can easily find jobs in banks, financial institutions, or in the financial wing of the business.

  • Human Resource

Employees are a company's most priced asset. Poor employee management results in attrition, high costs and a bad reputation. MBA is a prerequisite for the job profile such as recruiters, human resource managers, payroll managers, etc.

  • Startups and Entrepreneurship

Technological development and advances have also opened an area of high growth for deserving candidates which was not very prominent a decade ago. The success of Indian startups like Ola, Swiggy, Paytm and many others have boosted the entrepreneurial spirits and more professionals are taking the plunge to explore entrepreneurial ventures and startups. A sound understanding of business and skill-set that can be acquired through managerial education prepares the learner for success in startups and entrepreneurship.

The career opportunities for the candidates with the right qualifications are immense.