Rajat Bisariya

The Place Where I Identified Myself

I Joined the institution in the year 2013. CMD was more about training yourself to be the best in the market and as a professional. This institute gives everything at your disposal so that you become the best version of yourself.

ESTD. 1983 Centre For Management Development

This is a place that carries its own legacy and being a part of it has always been a privilege. Its not just about getting a job, its more about making an entire earth of your own and that's what I learned here.

Hence, We work hard and Party Harder.

Shilpi Gupta
Management Studies

My Journey with CMD was very Awesome. All Faculty Members gave a direction to me. It's Environment, Study Curriculum, Personality Development Programs, Different Activities gave me chance to polish my skills, helped me to blossom. Here, I got everlasting relationship with Seniors, Juniors, Classmates, Faculty Members and Staff. All were supportive. I thanked to GOD that I got a Chance to study Here.

Astha Mehrotra
Management Studies

CMD not just a college but also a home to all of it’s students.

Yes! Its true we had lived our life to fullest.

We don’t only get teacher’s but the perfect Mentors of life. Those who will show the right path to walk in.

This place made me find my true self and the learnings helped me reach where I stand today.

All I have to say is, I am glad to be a part of this esteemed institution.

Deepanshi Verma
Management studies

As per Dr Seuss," The more that you read , the more things you will know . The more that you learn , the more places you will go".

My college (CMD)prepare their students by same manner . They always prepare their students of next century like leader to empower others.

Ritika Tyagi
Management studies

The academic experience with a world class infrastructure and excellent facilities at CMD has endured me with a lifelong career excellence. The teaching methodologies backed by practical skills and industry interface have given me the confidence to pursue my career ahead. The all time support and motivation of the faculty members of MBA has enlightened me throughout the beautiful journey.

Sachin Kumar
Management Studies

Sometimes we are too stupid to judge our own selves, hence we need mentors. Good mentors will tell you ‘what to do’, but great mentors will aware you of ‘what not to do’. The very experience I had in CMD when I entered with too many ambitions with no idea of how to achieve them, but I was fortunate enough to have great mentors who hand-hold me not until I got good job but also until I started performing in my career. Today, after getting 1st rank, I am well placed in Dubai with 3 promotions and unexpected hike in salary; just because I was well mentored. After God’s grace I truly believe CMD has contributed in my career growth in true sense.

Mohit Verma
Management Studies

"CMD Modinagar, has been a brand name for PGDM & MBA Program for last 4 decades. To study and acquire an MBA degree from CMD is worth.

The placements, infrastructures, faculties are the best among all the Regional management institutes.

CMD follows industry relevant curriculum. The teaching methods involve Live projects, cases, global exposure and experiential learning, lectures. The faculties are very highly qualified and very good in teaching.

Pranjal Mishra
Management Studies

Kudos to the Faculty and Placement Cell of CMD. The College has always provided me with every assistance that I have always wanted to. I was able to refine my overall Performances and build- on my Soft & Hard Skills.. I will always be grateful to them for providing me a platform of practical learning and preparing me for the corporate life.

Nitin Suman
Management Studies

My overall experience has been amazing, and the college is having an amazing infrastructure. The college has provided me with a number of opportunities to grow and explore my skills. The emphasis on sports along with education always helped me a lot. I have always found a positive and healthy environment and the teachers are highly supportive. I never Forget the precious time that I spent in CMD.

Manav Garg
Management Studies

I did my post graduation from Centre for management development located in modinagar ghaziabad.

Infrastructure is one the major factor of prestigious college .

If i telling about academics quality is spine. Professors and staff all are so disciplined and supportive and very knowledgable.

Avnish Kumar
Management Studies

After Graduation I have fully prepared with proper R&D to searching colleges. I heartly thankful to my destiny for send me in CMD college. Well organized infrastructure with each and every facilities required to students. One major point of CMD is , Faculty members are very supportive on every step, they personally observed the students capabilities & provide material according to students need. I spend my 2 years in CMD, it was my great time & always missing,& here I was studied but at last time I received too many things Like- Confidence, Culture, Respect etc.

The training & placement cell here organises various events like guest lectures, corporate meets by itself & well repotted institutions like- Advait.  They provide placement support to each students individually. They have a big collection alumini for interaction.

I was placed in 2 companies by CMD.

Now I am working with Icici Group at very good designation.

Debraj Rakshit
Business Studies

The story of an unconfident guy, whose didn't have an idea how to judge somebody, how to speak in front of somebody and how to handle critical situations and how to make decisions effectively. The Centre for Management Development is not only an educational institution, but it's the factory of confidence and skill candidates production factory or confidence transformation tool. Such a wonderful experience I have had with CMD and CMD's Faculty. Being a part of CMDian very proud moment, when they're taken another step towards the marvellous things. Such an amazing way with CMD. Best of luck! Going forward towards achieving the goal of success, keep blasting towards making skill and confident managers, CEOs, CTOs, Executives, Associates,  for the Indian or foreign corporate world.

Divit Garg
Management Studies

One of the best thing about the institute, they focus more on practical approach and faculties share their years of experience & expertise so that one would gain new prospective & be able to unlock their utmost abilities.

Nitin Mishra
Management Development

You know what has made me the happiest I've ever been? It was my college life at Centre for Management Development, Modinagar. A place where I developed myself as a person and I was exposed to this competitive world with the help and support of the faculty.

A place for all round development, certainly gives me pleasure to be a part of CMD Modinagar.

Mohammad Wasim Ansari
Management Studies

“The Journey from a person with no confidence to a person who is not afraid to speak up. Yes, my life has been a rollercoaster and CMD has played an important role in guiding me towards the right path. At CMD I was lucky enough to have a culture of education ranging from theoretical to practical. Faculties and the training pedagogy have always been a motivation for me. It is because of their hard work and sheer commitment to making students reach their full potential and give their best in the corporate world. CMD has helped me in being more confident to face any challenges ahead. Also, I want to thank the entire faculty members along with the Personality Development department for giving the sincere effort in making me Corporate ready."

Satish Chandra
Business Studies

CMD since its inception has produced many diversified professionals who are doing wonders in their domains as on date. I personally know one of them who is an IRS. There are many more CEO's, Directors, CTO's, VP's, AVP's...trust me the count is endless. An institution and its presence in all respect imbibes you to become what you become. CMD has woven such enigma in me too. I personally would like to thank the then Faculties, Seniors, colleagues and our Juniors for all the charisma that remain intact in memories today even after 7 odd years.

Vikas Mishra
Management studies

"I am content to be a part of CMD. It helps me to be more open-minded, responsible for myself and tolerant.At CMD the lecturer doesn't just talk about a topic and gives a lecture, classes are very interactive, which means that you really need to participate. seriousness in the approach to education and its organization."

Himanshi Nehra
Management Studies

"Play is the highest form of research".

The experience I am most thankful for is the opportunity to better myself through education, forming relationships, and experience with the real world which CMD had provided me.

Education is the most important part of college, but it can be very challenging. I feel grateful for the faculties and the way that classes had pushed me to be a better version of myself.

Aditi Tyagi
Management Studies

Being a CMDian it feels proud to say that it's a place where you can see the amalgamation of academics, personality development and high class infrastructure with well qualified and supportive faculties.

There is 100% placement and its been 1.5 years I am working with ICICI Bank  as I was placed in my 2nd Year and even in this tough time of Pandemic, faculties are  with their students to get them placed in good companies.

It was my Positive Journey of 2 Years at CMD.

Shradha Vishnoi
Business Studies

Throughout my 2 years of PGDM at CMD, I had countless and guided opportunities to learn, develop skills, and do proactive thinking through various programs and events.

These attributes were the key to my personality development and my successful placement at ‘MAPMYINDIA’. My sincere thanks to all the faculty members and friends for their guidance and the amazing journey at CMD. My sincere appreciation and gratitude to the corporate resource centre and placement department for their support and encouragement.

Nihar Ranjan Sahu
Business Studies

I Am Proud to say that CMD is my alma mater,A great place to be in to get a launch pad. After that, you are anyways left to fend for yourself.

While the culture bit is fairly unique, infra and management are way better and the intellectual stimulation that come from class room discussion are mind blowing.

Rishabh Kaushik
Business Studies

CMD is heaven for all its students and college time is the best time of my life.

 I am glad to be a part of esteemed institution.

Aditi Nidhi
Business Studies

It happens sometimes that we move ahead from a place, and leave a piece of our soul behind. For me, CMD is my alma mater.

The career lattice of every individual has been impeccably moulded and hand crafted by the quintessential teachers, mentors and counsellors. I owe them my sincerest gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Atul Sharma
Business Studies

To me, CMD not just a name it is a brand, because today we can feel proud as CMD is standing on a big Alumni Base. CMDins are presently serving Government, large corporate houses and it is not just a mere exaggeration but a reality that we can trace CMDins around the globe Giving best of their abilities. No doubt that years of my Study at CMD was certainly an Investment on myself and I'm proud of it .

Nishant Gaur
Business Studies

Anything Less Than A Conscious Commitment To The Important Is An Unconscious Commitment To The Unimportant. Be Committed To Your Work Is The Lesson Learned By Us In Cmd. Gung-Ho Everyday!

Manish Kr. Gupta
Business Studies

I enjoyed and learned a lot while studying at CMD College. I miss all my friends, staff and teachers of CMD. Overall nicest experience I have ever had in my life. Thanks CMD. Thanks all..

Devendra Kumar Jaiswal
Business Studies

I came to CMD because of all the great things i heard about it and today i am proud of my choice as this PGDM programme has helped me groom not only professionally but personally also.

Abhay Tyagi
Business Studies

The PGDM programme running over at CMD is a unique blend of focused and practical experiences with contemporary managment education and that i found very valuable when i started my career. Today i am highly regarded among the professional fraternity and the credit goes to the knowledge, skills and values that i got during my PGDM programme at CMD.