ERP Online

ERP system is truly comprehensive e-governance software that covers the entire gamut of campus activities in a College. The system is aimed at bringing in process refinement, efficiency, accountability and control in our Institution.

ERP system is a Process Improvement methodology for educational institutes that is e-enabled by a state of the art software solution. An ERP implementation indicates an institute's pledge towards achieving complete transparency at all levels of the academic process. Students are the key beneficiaries of ERP system.

Contactless smart cards are issued to every student & staff member to access ERP system.

Students / Parents can access information by using touch enabled kiosk available in the campus.

Just as the academic session starts, a complete course coverage plan for each subject is made available to students online. They are able to see the plan for each class for each day of the session.

The course material, like lecture notes, assignments, reference material etc., is also directly accessible to the students online.

Online search for availability of books in library.

Students also get to give formal feedback on their faculty, allowing them to improve their teaching methodology during the given session and beyond.

In all this, students directly receive information via SMS or email � attendance information, exam results, companies for campus recruitment, and so on. The power to choose the information and the medium is completely in the hands of the students themselves.

In a similar fashion, Parents can also be kept informed about the student�s progress on a variety of parameters like academic results, attendance etc., and other news or updates from the institute. Parents can get quick access through internet, with a summary view that gives them an indication of their ward�s performance in terms of attendance, internal evaluations, and pending assignments. Even for more detailed reports, parents do not have to hunt for information anywhere � the information comes directly to them. slot thailand slot gacor