Life here at Centre for Management Development is truly interesting and very much “happening”. Students have so many events happening here almost every day that one gets an opportunity to explore oneself in all manners. Our day starts here with our morning CPA (Compulsory Physical Activities) which is an effort to channelize our positive energy so as to prepare our body and mind for the whole day in a better manner. Then on wards students move to our college where student’s 4 continuous lectures. Afternoon, when our tummies are grumbling, students move onto the mess follow by three hours of lab session, which serves as an amazing time to learn practical aspects of technology along with a little gossip with friends.

Then tired students return to their hostel, and the actual fun starts here, a short nap, chit chat with friends, evening snacks, sport activities rejuvenate us. By late evening, our CMD is in full swing, this is the time when people actually come out of their rooms and get involved in the happenings here. A walk around the campus would let you see numerous activities going on all around, players with full zeal at the basketball court. A great hustle and bustle near the mess. Meetings and seminars of different clubs going inside the campus, readers issuing books from the book club. Loud music can be heard coming from hostel rooms (much louder than what comes from music room), nerds studying with their doors closed, the rest gossiping or watching TV in the common room, the list is endless.